Bible Story Theatre: Poor Widow & Two Coins

For our lesson on Stewardship and Treasure, we acted out the story about the poor widow who gave two coins at the temple.  I had wanted to have some tunics made, but ran out of time, so I just had the kids pretend to put on their fancy clothing.  I told them that they were […]

Bone Prop

If you like puns, you could use this as a “funny bone” prop.  Or it would make a great visual aid for some Bible stories.  Here’s what you do to get one: 1. Buy a large, frozen turkey from the grocery store.  Hunting would work for the more adventurous, back-woods type.  (But you’d also have […]

Bible Story Theatre: Jesus Walks on Water

To act out the story of Jesus walking on the water, we made a cardboard boat.  It was made from two gaylord boxes, which my husband got from work.  One end of each box was cut open so that the flap could be taped to the inner wall of the other box, making them more […]