Sword of the Spirit Group Craft

This is the craft we had planned for the older kids back when we did our Sword of the Spirit lesson.  They ran out of time and never got around to making it, so I finally did it myself.  I really wanted to see how it would turn out because I thought the idea was […]

Sword of the Spirit Craft

We made this sword with the younger kids for our lesson on the Sword of the Spirit.  The template comes from craftingthewordofgod.com.  There are four different pages, we used the first and third pages (the first says, “Sword of the Spirit” and the second lists the books of the Bible).  The kids decorated their swords, […]

Helmet of Salvation Wearable Craft

We made the wearable Helmet of Salvation available at craftingthewordofgod.com.  There are two sizes available–adult and child.  My son is modeling the child-size helmet here.  I tried out the adult size on myself, and it fit just fine.  This craft is good if you have an extended period of time, but would be a real […]

Helmet of Salvation Coloring Sheet

This Helmet of Salvation coloring sheet was originally just a Roman helmet which came from coloring-pictures.net.  I pasted the words “Helmet of Salvation” on with a word processing program.  Very simple and the kids can embellish it with whatever they’d like.  My original plan was to have red feathers for the crest, but they don’t […]

Shield of Faith Craft

One of our teachers last Sunday came up with this craft.  She free-handed the cross-and-shield design, then photocopied it.  I’ll see if I can get an extra copy of it from her and post it on here.  The shields were cut out beforehand so the younger kids could focus on the decorating, but older kids […]

Armor of God Dress Up

To review the Armor of God we had a silly dress up activity.  As the items were reviewed, a child got to put on all the wacky gear we had assembled.  This was all stuff I had around the house.  The idea was inspired by a Youtube video I saw. Helmet of Salvation – metal […]

Fiery Darts Snack

Also with our Shield of Faith lesson we had these fun fiery darts.  They are a neat extra reminder about what we’re learning about Satan sending his fiery darts against us, and defending ourselves with the Shield of Faith.  The idea came from Michelle Paige’s blog.  I made enough for each kid to have one […]

Shield of Faith Group Craft

Today the older kids made a Shield of Faith that could be displayed in the classroom.  I know that oftentimes kids’ Sunday School crafts just get tossed in the garbage, so why not make them to be displayed at church? Supplies: cardboard, utility knife, posterboard, printed Bible verses, scissors, Sharpies, paint, paintbrushes, paint palettes 1. […]

Armor of God Paper Man Craft

An ongoing craft that our little kids are working on is their Armor of God paper man.  The printable template comes from makinglearningfun.com.  Younger kids may need help cutting this out, especially the curved pieces.  I found that by squeezing, I could fit the figure on a regular sheet of paper, but something slightly bigger […]

Shoes of the Gospel of Peace Shoe Decoration

Here’s a craft you can make with older kids to remind them to put on their Shoes of the Gospel of Peace.  I came up with it last minute while standing in the craft aisle, wondering what to do for Sunday’s lesson.  Last minute inspiration, also known as desperation-inspiration. Supplies: sticky-back foam (the glitter kind […]

Shoes of the Gospel of Peace Coloring Page

I found a shoe image online and blew it up (with Hubby’s help) to make a coloring page when we talked about the Shoes of the Gospel of Peace.  It is from freshcoloring.com.  Obviously it’s not the same as Paul envisioned, but a little more relevant to kids these days.

Armor of God Snack

Another Pinterest find!  This armor of God snack really jumped out at me–look at how cute it is!  Also quite simple, and the kids can assemble it themselves. Supplies: Pringles, mandarin oranges, licorice, green pepper, Tostitos Scoops, string cheese, knife, plate 1. Cut pieces of green pepper to resemble a human torso.  This is your […]

Breastplate of Righteousness Craft

Quick post tonight as hubby makes homemade pizza and the kids mill around me!  For our lesson on the breastplate of righteousness, part of our Armor of God series, I made this breastplate for the kids to copy at church.  Whether or not they made it, I’m not sure.  I was spared going out in […]

Belt of Truth Craft

We’re doing a series on the Armor of God, starting with the belt of truth.  As our craft we made these simple belts.  The verses we wrote on the belt sections were Psalm 109:19, John 8:32, John 14:6, and John 17:17.  We cut a piece of sturdy ribbon long enough to be tied around the […]