Balloons – Monkey

This is a great little one-balloon monkey that’s fairly quick to make.  Instructions on Youtube.

Balloons – Horse

As soon as possible, learn how to make the horse!  Kids, especially girls, love it!  Find the instructions on Youtube.

Balloons – Candy Cane

I used to do balloon twisting as a part of my clowning business.  I’ll be posting some of those designs here.  Anytime you have a carnival or other kids event, balloon twisting is a big hit.  You can learn how to make this candy cane on Youtube.

Pom Pom Popper

I made these poppers for my son’s birthday party (I know–pink!), then brought them to church to let the kids blow off some steam with them.  I got the idea from  Since we were indoors, we used pom poms, but it would be fun to use mini marshmallows outside–as long as you don’t mind […]