Jesus & Peter Walk on Water Craft

For our lesson about faith, with Jesus and Peter walking on water, I planned this collage for the kids to make during craft time.  It’s a little finicky, but it’s very open-ended in terms of kids making it as simple or fancy as they like.  Some of our kids chose to draw the water and […]

Biscuits & Bible Verses

For our Thanksgiving lesson, I made these biscuits with a Bible verse about giving thanks inside.  They sort of look like fortune cookies.  They were a big hit with the kids!  They’re not difficult to make, just a little tedious.  Here’s how: 1. Gather tubes of refrigerated biscuit dough, tinfoil, printed Bible verses, scissors, muffin […]

Bible Verse Tea Light

Baby food jars are great!  We made these as a fun way for kids to display the verse we learned last month.  Quite easy, but a little messy.  I think these are best for school-age and older because of the fine-motor skill needed. Bible Verse Tea Light: 1. Gather baby food jars, tissue paper, paint […]