The Very First Easter by Paul L. Maier

This post contains an affiliate link. The Very First Easter is much better as a read-at-home book, or if you have a chance to sit down with one or two kids for an extended period of time.  It is about a boy named Christopher whose parents explain the significance of Easter to him.  It is […]

Little Colt’s Palm Sunday by Michelle Medlock Adams

This post contains an affiliate link. Little Colt’s Palm Sunday is a great book to share with your little ones (I’d say Kindergarten and younger) for Palm Sunday.  The first page starts off with Luke 19:30-36, to give you the background of the story.  It’s a about a little colt who hears about how the […]

The Call of a Lifetime by Keith Drury

This post contains an affiliate link. The children’s ministry director of one of our parent churches sent this book to me.  It’s one she had to read in school.  The Call of a Lifetime was very helpful for where I am right now in my journey.  It talks about the difference between God’s leading (to […]

Clown Quotes Booklet

I’m not sure where I got this little booklet of quotes.  It may have been a handout from Clown Camp 2009, leftover from a previous year.  Or was it from the Clown Forum prop swap?  I can’t remember.  No matter, it’s a little gem either way.  A compilation of quotes regarding clowning, it was put […]

If I Were A Clown By Floyd Shaffer

This post contains an affiliate link. I recently finished reading a clown ministry book by Floyd Shaffer, titled If I Were a Clown.  Each chapter has a main thought that he expands on and illustrates, using a fair number of personal anecdotes.  I always enjoy reading an anecdote that illustrates a point.  This book is […]

Face Painting Inspiration Book

Here’s a picture of my face painting inspiration book.  It is a three-ring binder with baseball card pages.  When I find a picture of a face painting design that I’d like to try, I save it to my computer.  Once I have enough photos to fill a page (about 8-9), I shrink them down to […]

The Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving Blessings by Mike Berenstain

This post contains an affiliate link. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that I’m on a roll with the children’s picture books lately.  I like the idea of teaching small children through engaging picture books, in smaller groups where they have an opportunity to engage and talk with their teacher.  What child doesn’t love being […]

Joy To The World! by Dina Anastasio

This post contains an affiliate link. This unassuming little book is one of the best I’ve found for telling the Christmas story in a style very much like you would find when reading directly from the Bible.  In Joy to the World! you get the entire story of Jesus’ birth, from the angel appearing, to […]

The Legend of the Candy Cane by Lori Walburg

This post contains an affiliate link. If you ever feel the need to get some nice Christmas books for kids, check out the thrift store during the Christmas season.  Apparently kids’ Christmas books are a common item to get rid of.  The Legend of the Candy Cane was one of the books I found at […]

The Donkey’s Christmas Song by Nancy Tafuri

This post contains an affiliate link. The Donkey’s Christmas Song is a great Christmas book for young kids.  Though the text is brief, it tells about how Jesus was born in a stable and all the animals wanted to welcome him.  Each animal gently welcomes him into the world, until it is the donkey’s turn.  […]

A Child Is Born by Billy Tucci

This post contains an affiliate link. If I had the money, I’d get a copy of this book for all the families at our church for Christmas.  It’s that good.  A Child Is Born is a comic book retelling of the Christmas story.  The illustrations are detailed, nicely colored, and realistic.  Some of the images […]

Saying Grace: A Prayer of Thanksgiving by Virginia Kroll

This post contains an affiliate link. I’ll be bringing this book along for Sunday School tomorrow.  I’ll be with the younger kids, and I’m not sure we’ll get to it, but we’ll try.  Saying Grace is a good book for the fall/Thanksgiving season.  The text length is moderate, so it could work for younger kids, […]

Room For A Little One by Martin Waddell

This post contains an affiliate link. I really want to use Room for a Little One with my little kids at church this year.  It’s such a lovely, innocent take on the Christmas story, and I really think they’ll enjoy it.  It also has some repetition, which they enjoy because they feel like they know […]

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski

This post contains an affiliate link. I honestly believe that you will enjoy The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey.  It’s one of those books that makes you want to cuddle up with your kids on the couch and get all cozy.  Jonathan Toomey is a man who has lost his wife and baby.  He is […]

Eyewitness Books: Bible Lands

This post contains an affiliate link. I don’t know about you, but I love Eyewitness Books.  The clear photos and little captions speak to me.  When I saw Eyewitness Books: Bible Lands at our local library, I had to bring it home and check it out.  The pictures are great!  It’s really neat to see […]

Build Your Own Christmas Stable by Juliet David

A friend of mine recently donated this nativity scene to our children’s ministry.  It was perfect timing because the night before, I had been talking with someone about getting one to display during Advent. The best place I found to purchase it is from, here.  The Christmas story is told with pictures and text […]