Balloons – Skateboard

This balloon skateboard is nice and easy, except for those finicky tulip twists.  There must be a secret to them that I don’t get.  The design comes from Out-of-This-World Balloon Creations by Shar Levine & Michael Ouchi.  I’ll make a figure to go with the skateboard tomorrow.

Balloons – Snake

This is a very easy snake to make, but it looks fancy because of the spiraled body and floppy tongue.  Instructions on Youtube.  If you can’t inflate the balloon by mouth, you can wrap the balloon around a child’s fingers and blow it up that way.  There are other methods for getting a curly balloon–maybe […]

Balloons – Sword 1

This is my go-to sword for line work–it’s quick, easy, and it generally stays put.  If it does come apart, the kids can fix it themselves.  Instructions are on Youtube.  I recommend locking the little bubble of balloon sticking out of the handle by wrapping it in an alternate direction around the joint, and making […]

Balloons – Baseball Cap

I like how the baseball cap looks–like something you’d see in a cartoon.  It’s quite quick and easy.  Directions in this Youtube video.

Face Paint – Lizard Face

I painted this lizard design on myself from a Wolfe brothers book.  It took me a long time, but that’ s because I don’t trust myself and I’m kind of a perfectionist.  I wouldn’t recommend this design for long lines! Save

Face Paint – Gecko

Here’s a fairly simple gecko that will please the boys.  The body shape can change depending on how the gecko is moving, so it’s a lot more forgiving of painting inconsistencies.

Face Paint – Tire Tracks

This is supposed to look like a bicycle ran over his face.  Some people make tire tracks that look like a car did the running over.  Use a square brush to make the tread marks.  Boys love this look!

Face Paint – Batman Mask

This was the first Batman mask I ever did.  I’ve since discovered that you do not want to cover the child’s face with yellow paint.  It has a nasty tendency to tinge the skin yellow for a day or two. Save

Face Paint – Facial Hair

Boys, girls and even teenagers love having silly facial hair painted on themselves.  Why, I don’t know.  I just know it’s a fact.  Have fun experimenting with different mustaches, goatees, full beard, and crazy eyebrows! Save

Face Paint – Rocket

Here’s another cool design for the boys.  I can’t remember where I got the idea for this one.  It’s an awfully cute little rocket, though! Save

Face Paint – Dragon Mask #1

This is a cutesy dragon mask for young boys (or girls).  Use a split cake to achieve the mixture of gold and green, or whatever colors you want to use. Save

Face Paint – Robot

Here’s a robot that I painted on my son several years ago.  It’s fairly simple, you just have to make sure the child will sit still long enough for you to finish. Save

Face Paint – Day of the Dead Skull

I painted this on my husband back when I first started face painting.  If you look closely you’ll see that the lines are not very elegant.  Still, I was pretty pleased with the results.  It’s meant to resemble a Day of the Dead Skull.  It may make some people squeamish, but if you know anything […]

Face Paint – Spiderfly

This is another one of my most popular designs.  I call it the Spiderfly–half Spider-Man, half butterfly.  The boys like it a lot!

Face Paint – Spider-Man 2099

I painted this design quite awhile ago for a contest.  It’s my take on Spider-Man 2099.  My husband knows all bout Spider-Man; I do not.  If you encounter a huge Spidey fan while painting, they might appreciate this design. Save

Face Paint – Sailboat

This is a boat design that I practiced from Three Minute Cheek Art by Roberta Mandella.  It’s a fun little book with some impressive cheek art. Save