Gospel Balloon Bracelet Craft

This balloon bracelet made with the Gospel colors was one of our VBS crafts.  The full directions are at Michelle Paige’s blog.  The only difference in the way we made it is that we didn’t tape down each individual balloon piece.  Adults and teens just helped the little kids hold the balloons in place as […]

Balloons – Turtle Bracelet

Here’s a cute turtle bracelet.  They work great for small kids who are not responsible enough to carry their own balloon.  This way mom and dad don’t have to carry it and it doesn’t fall on the floor and get popped.  Instructions are on Youtube.  If you can’t do a tulip twist, just skip that […]

Face Paint – Flower Bracelet

This is just a quick flower with a band that gives the illusion of a pretty bracelet.  Little girls like these a lot.  Then again, so do big girls.  Choose any type of flower you like. Save