Cheese & Cracker Family Snack

For our lesson on Families (featuring the story of Adam & Eve), I had a hard time coming up with a snack.  Eventually I found this snack at Cute Creative and Fun!  It’s simple, cute, healthy (and quite frankly, I was tired of looking for the perfect idea). Ingredients: Block of cheese (I used a […]

The Berenstain Bears: God’s Wonderful World by Jan & Mike Berenstain

This post contains an affiliate link. The Berenstain Bears: God’s Wonderful World is a cute book about a time when Brother and Sister’s class goes for a nature walk with their Sunday school teacher, Missus Ursula.  They walk all over Bear country, noticing the creatures and countryside around them.  Missus Ursula teaches the cubs that […]

The Berenstain Bears: God Bless the Animals by Jan & Mike Berenstain

This post contains an affiliate link. The Berenstain Bears: God Bless the Animals is a simple lift-the-flap book for younger children in which the Bear family takes a walk to admire all of the local animals.  It would make a fun introduction to a lesson about the animals God has made.  The text is very […]

Card Making Craft

I love making personalized cards for people and it struck me that this would make a perfect activity for older kids.  How many times are there people in your church who could use a note letting them know that you’re thinking about them?  It could be for a new baby, the death of a loved […]

All Things Bright and Beautiful by Cecil Frances Alexander

This post contains an affiliate link. All Things Bright and Beautiful is a nicely illustrated book which is based on the famous hymn by the same name.  Each page only has one phrase of the song and is complemented by lovely illustrations which tie into the lyrics. I would share this book with younger children […]

The Berenstain Bears: Here’s the Church, Here’s the Steeple

This post contains an affiliate link. The Berenstain Bears: Here’s the Church, Here’s the Steeple is a lift-the-flap book which talks about what the Bear family does while they’re at church. This is a really cute and simple book, which goes nicely with the “Here’s the Church, Here’s the Steeple” finger rhyme.  The church or […]

Creative Clowning Book Giveaway — CLOSED

I know that this giveaway doesn’t appeal to everyone, but for those of you who are into clowning, this is an excellent resource!  Somehow I ended up with two copies of this book, so I’m passing the extra copy on to someone else.  I hope that it comes in handy to a fellow clown! Enter […]

Snowman Oreo Snack

This post contains affiliate links. I first saw this idea on Pinterest from Art With Mrs. Nguyen.  Thank you for the idea!  I couldn’t resist giving these cute snowmen a try for myself!  Although it isn’t even close to the Christmas season, I still wanted to make them because I’m quirky like that.  We discovered […]

Zacchaeus Handprint Tree

One evening I got this fun idea to take a child’s handprint and turn it into a scene with Jesus and Zacchaeus.  I love the result!  What parent doesn’t love artwork which incorporates their child’s cute little hand? Materials: white paper paper plates paintbrushes tempera paint: green, brown, blue (or other color for Zacchaeus’ clothing) […]

Seeds of Encouragement CD Giveaway — CLOSED

April’s giveaway is one of my favorite CDs from a group called SEEDS Family Worship.  They take Scripture verses and put them to music, which makes them very easy to memorize.  I gave these away as a Christmas gift to our church families with kids and got lots of positive feedback.  Did I mention that […]

Joseph’s Dot Coat Craft

This week we had a lesson about Joseph and his brothers.  Lessons about Joseph are so fun because there are a ton of crafts you can make featuring his fabulous coat.  This time we decorated his coat with Dot Markers.  The kids really enjoyed it!  Thanks to for the original idea!  You can print […]

Stained Glass Cross Craft

We had these crosses planned for our Easter lesson, but things got cut short and we ran out of time.  I set up the yellow one for my 5-year-old daughter to make, and she really enjoyed it.  It’s a little difficult to work with the contact paper.  If at all possible, you should have your […]

I Quit!

Have you ever wanted to say that, or shout it in front of the entire congregation using a megaphone?  Have you ever followed through on that threat?  I have said it more than once (through the right channels), but thus far haven’t actually done it.  There have been many times when I’ve wanted to quit […]

Free Newsletter Generator

To send out our monthly parent newsletter, I use MailChimp.  It’s free for us because we have fewer than 2,000 subscribers.  I’ve been using it for several months, and so far I don’t have any complaints. I’m able to use the previous month’s newsletter as a template for the current month, so that helps save […]