Valentine’s Day Candy Bark

This is a fun treat to bring in for your class during February.  Or if you’re feeling ambitious, you could let your class help you make it!  Just make sure you have enough helpers to keep the kids from getting burned by the hot candy. For some odd reason I decided to make our bark […]

Easy Dirt Cake Snack

This is one of the easiest, most impressive snacks ever!  Well, it’s impressive to kids anyway.  We had this at my son’s birthday party, but I’m sure kids would enjoy it at church, too.  Here’s how to do it: Ingredients: Chocolate pudding snack cups (1/child) Gummy worms Oreo cookies Directions: Put Oreos in a food […]

Chocolate Rocks

This post contains an affiliate link. Chocolate rocks–I love ’em!  These are great for so many different things.  We had them as a snack for our lesson on David and Goliath.  I’ve also used them for cake decorating.  They’re funny to munch on in front of people if they don’t know that they’re made from […]

Chocolate Acorns

Aren’t these adorable?!  These little acorn treats were featured in our local newspaper, so I ripped out the picture for my son to make them.  He loves working in the kitchen.  He made a whole plateful, and they were a huge hit.  So simple to make, and they’d be great for any kind of fall […]