Creative Clowning Book Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to this month’s winner — Nayab S.! I’ll email you to set up delivery and I hope your new book comes in handy!

Creative Clowning Book Giveaway — CLOSED

I know that this giveaway doesn’t appeal to everyone, but for those of you who are into clowning, this is an excellent resource!  Somehow I ended up with two copies of this book, so I’m passing the extra copy on to someone else.  I hope that it comes in handy to a fellow clown! Enter […]

Balloons – Ram

Here’s a fun little one-balloon ram.  Instructions on Youtube.  The ears/horns can be a little finicky, but you’ll get the hang of it after making a couple. Save

Clown Fix-a-Flat

This post contains an affiliate link. This fun idea originally came from Jodie the Clown, someone I met through a clown forum.  These giveaways are super-easy to make, and fun to give as a gag, at Halloween, or just because.  I’ve included a document that you can use to print off your own Fix-A-Flat labels.  […]

Clown Makeup Kit

I thought I would visit the thought of what to include in a clown’s makeup kit.  So I did.  The following is a documentation of what is in my own kit, but I’m sure you have many clever ideas of your own.  I had to take a few different pictures so that the details could […]

Clown Quotes Booklet

I’m not sure where I got this little booklet of quotes.  It may have been a handout from Clown Camp 2009, leftover from a previous year.  Or was it from the Clown Forum prop swap?  I can’t remember.  No matter, it’s a little gem either way.  A compilation of quotes regarding clowning, it was put […]

Be The Best Clown That YOU Can Be

I suppose this post is primarily about the philosophy you follow in your clowning pursuit.  I try to do my own thing, and not get too caught up in what everyone else is doing.  I try to look at other entertainers as potential friends, contacts, collaborators, and people who understand what I’m doing.   I […]

Clowning While Pregnant

If you’re a female clown in your child-bearing years, you may want to give some thought to whether or not you will continue clowning while pregnant.  I have clowned through three pregnancies, though it’s always been part-time.  It is not always the easiest–the ups and downs of those wild hormones, morning sickness, fatigue, sore back, […]

Clown-Related Posts

I used to clown professionally, but those days are in the past.  During that time I had a blog that featured clown-related information.  I’ll be transferring some of that information to this blog.  Some churches are involved in clowning, balloon twisting, face painting and other things that tie into the clowning world.  I hope these […]