Face Paint Palette

This post contains affiliate links. Really, this is the last time I am repotting my paints for a looong time.  My last set-up change was not as wonderful as I thought it would be.  After reading about somebody else’s latest set-up idea, I decided to copy them.  These are jewelry display cases and trays that I ordered […]

Face Paint – Swirl Eyes

The basic concept of this design is so simple.  Just load up a square brush on a split cake and swirl it around the eyes as shown.  Poof on some cosmetic glitter while it’s still wet, then add stars and dots with white paint.  You can really pep up the design if you have more […]

Face Paint – Zebra Arm

Some kids really go for zebra stripes.  So why not give them a funky zebra-arm-name-thingy?  Use whatever split cake they prefer underneath. Save

Face Paint – Oompa Loompa

I painted at a birthday party with a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme.  So I thought it would be cool to come up with an Oompa Loompa design.  Not too difficult at all. Save

Face Paint – Lizard Face

I painted this lizard design on myself from a Wolfe brothers book.  It took me a long time, but that’ s because I don’t trust myself and I’m kind of a perfectionist.  I wouldn’t recommend this design for long lines! Save

Face Paint – Gecko

Here’s a fairly simple gecko that will please the boys.  The body shape can change depending on how the gecko is moving, so it’s a lot more forgiving of painting inconsistencies.

Face Paint – Dragonfly Mask

I believe a fellow face painter came up with this design.  It’s a cute one for little girls.  Instead of my face, imagine a cute little 3-year-old under all that paint.  Adorable. Save

Face Paint – Tire Tracks

This is supposed to look like a bicycle ran over his face.  Some people make tire tracks that look like a car did the running over.  Use a square brush to make the tread marks.  Boys love this look!

Face Paint – Butterfly Mask

Here’s a simple butterfly mask I used with a jewel rainbow cake.  I love the colors!  Young girls, or girls with dark skin look better with butterflies that have white lines. Save

Face Paint – Batman Mask

This was the first Batman mask I ever did.  I’ve since discovered that you do not want to cover the child’s face with yellow paint.  It has a nasty tendency to tinge the skin yellow for a day or two. Save

Face Paint – Butterfly #3

This is probably the quickest butterfly design that I do.  It’s good for toddlers.  Just load a large square brush on a split cake and you can easily achieve each wing with one stroke.  Outline in white and you’re done! Save

Face Paint – Facial Hair

Boys, girls and even teenagers love having silly facial hair painted on themselves.  Why, I don’t know.  I just know it’s a fact.  Have fun experimenting with different mustaches, goatees, full beard, and crazy eyebrows! Save

Face Paint – Fairy Mask

This was probably my very most popular design.  I called it a fairy mask, but some girls will think it’s a princess, mermaid, etc.  The awesome thing about it is that it can be simplified if your line is long.  The colors underneath are achieved with the Ben Nye Grande Lumiere palette.  The original design […]