Loaves & Fish Sharing Craft

For our lesson featuring the boy who shared his loaves and fish, we did the very simple craft/coloring sheets above.  I talked with the kids about how the boy shared what he had, even though it didn’t seem like it would make a difference in feeding 5,000 people. I asked the kids what they could […]

Loaves & Fishes Snack

This Sunday we had a lesson featuring loaves and fishes, with the focus on sharing.  Our snack was very simple–candy Swedish Fish and oyster crackers–our loaves and fishes!

Fishers of Men Cupcakes

I saw this idea on Pinterest and had to try it out!  I love this idea for a Fishers of Men themed Bible lesson.  The kids can help decorate their own cupcake, which they will absolutely love! Ingredients: cake mix, plus ingredients listed in pkg. directions (I used orange cake mix) cupcake tins paper cupcake […]

Balloons – Fishing Pole & Fish

The fishing pole and fish is a fun, interactive balloon to make for kids.  Here is a Youtube video on how to make the fishing pole.  I make mine slightly different.  Instead of leaving a long tail on the balloon that is the rod, I leave a short tail and tie an extra uninflated 260 […]

Loaves & Fishes Game

For our lesson on Jesus feeding the 5,000 the kids played this loaves and fishes game.  Fill two tubs/trash cans with crumpled newspaper.  Cut out loaves from brown card stock/scrapbook paper, and fishes from the same kind of paper, making them whatever color you like.  I cut out more than enough for each child to […]

Fishers of Men Snack

For our lesson on being “fishers of men” we planned this simple snack.  Dip a pretzel rod in frosting (we don’t do p.b.) and pick up a Goldfish cracker with it.  Easy!  I saw the idea somewhere on Pinterest, so no, I’m not a genius.