Origami – American Jumping Frog

This little frog is fun to play with.  You can actually make him jump.  This would be a good craft to do with older kids when learning about the 10 plagues in Egypt.  Instructions on Youtube.

Balloons — Frog Hat

I really like this cute frog balloon hat.  Thanks for teaching it to me, Baloo!  If you have difficulties with those little fiddly one-balloon frogs, try this out instead.  I’ll just try explaining how to make it, since I don’t have any instructions. Make a basic helmet with a green 260. Inflate another green 260 […]

Find the Frogs Game

Do you like my beautiful laminated froggies?  In an insane fit of ambition, I made (with the help of my kids) 193 paper frogs.  Never again!  Anyhow, we made them for a game that we played during our Moses & the Red Sea lesson.  (Remember the plague of frogs?)  Basically, they are meant to be […]