Balloons – Flower

If you want to learn balloons, you must learn how to make a balloon flower.  Directions on Youtube.  Her version is slightly different from mine, but I like hers and will probably use her design next time.

Face Paint – Swirl Eyes

The basic concept of this design is so simple.  Just load up a square brush on a split cake and swirl it around the eyes as shown.  Poof on some cosmetic glitter while it’s still wet, then add stars and dots with white paint.  You can really pep up the design if you have more […]

Face Paint – Dragonfly Mask

I believe a fellow face painter came up with this design.  It’s a cute one for little girls.  Instead of my face, imagine a cute little 3-year-old under all that paint.  Adorable. Save

Face Paint – Butterfly Mask

Here’s a simple butterfly mask I used with a jewel rainbow cake.  I love the colors!  Young girls, or girls with dark skin look better with butterflies that have white lines. Save

Face Paint – Butterfly #3

This is probably the quickest butterfly design that I do.  It’s good for toddlers.  Just load a large square brush on a split cake and you can easily achieve each wing with one stroke.  Outline in white and you’re done! Save

Face Paint – Facial Hair

Boys, girls and even teenagers love having silly facial hair painted on themselves.  Why, I don’t know.  I just know it’s a fact.  Have fun experimenting with different mustaches, goatees, full beard, and crazy eyebrows! Save

Face Paint – Flower Bracelet

This is just a quick flower with a band that gives the illusion of a pretty bracelet.  Little girls like these a lot.  Then again, so do big girls.  Choose any type of flower you like. Save

Face Paint – Heart Arm

This design is great because it can be dumbed down to just a rainbow and plain red hearts, or pepped up with all sorts of extras.  I went a little crazy with the one below.  I love the neon rainbow cake because it makes anything look good.  Really, you could just swipe a rainbow on […]

Face Paint – Rainbow

Here’s a quick and easy rainbow.  Just swipe on a curved line from any split cake.  Use a small sponge-tip dauber for the clouds.  You can outline everything for a little more definition.  Don’t forget to add a couple of puffs of glitter for the girls! Save