Gospel Balloon Bracelet Craft

This balloon bracelet made with the Gospel colors was one of our VBS crafts.  The full directions are at Michelle Paige’s blog.  The only difference in the way we made it is that we didn’t tape down each individual balloon piece.  Adults and teens just helped the little kids hold the balloons in place as […]

LEGO Gospel Presentation

The LEGO method for sharing the gospel message really makes sense at our house since we have two boys who are obsessed with LEGOs!  We used this for our lesson on different gospel message presentation methods.  This is a great one for kids–they get to build the pieces, it uses something they are very familiar […]

Gospel Presentation Methods Lesson

Our last lesson about our own mission field where we live ended up being like a mini workshop, with each group working on using a different Gospel presentation method.  Each group came up to the front and shared their method when they were done practicing.  I had more methods for them to choose from, and […]

Nail Polish Gospel Presentation

Did you know you can use nail polish to share the Good News of Jesus?  How awesome is that?! Our lesson last Sunday was a culmination of our series on missions.  During the month of September we looked at missions work in El Salvador, Romania and Nigeria.  Then we showed the kids where we are […]

Shoes of the Gospel of Peace Shoe Decoration

Here’s a craft you can make with older kids to remind them to put on their Shoes of the Gospel of Peace.  I came up with it last minute while standing in the craft aisle, wondering what to do for Sunday’s lesson.  Last minute inspiration, also known as desperation-inspiration. Supplies: sticky-back foam (the glitter kind […]