The Littlest Angel – Movie

This post contains an affiliate link. Title: The Littlest Angel Runtime: 24 minutes It’s been quite some time since I reviewed a religious kids movie for the blog, so my kids and I watched The Littlest Angel yesterday.  Unfortunately, none of us had anything good to say about the movie.  The story was way off […]

Heaven Game

I just sort of made this game up.  I call it “Is This In Heaven?”  Players divide into two teams and line up. Each player in turn receives a piece of paper with a word written on it. They must decide if the item is or is not in heaven, run to the opposite side […]

Heaven Group Craft

This is the craft that the younger kids did today for their lesson on heaven.  I mounted a printed sky piece of scrapbooking paper on a heavier piece of card stock.  Then I copied Revelation 21:6-7 onto a piece of paper, cut it out and mounted it on the sky.  The kids each got a […]

Heaven Snack

I saw this idea on  It’s gold Jello for a lesson on heaven.  We used lemon flavor, though there are some alternative yellow-colored Jello flavors–pineapple and possibly mango.  We also sprinkled some edible gold glittery star accents on the Jello to make it look even more like sparkling gold.  Here’s what we discovered about […]