Origami – Samurai Hat

Here we have a fun Samurai hat that can be made in all sizes–big enough for a child, or small enough for their little stuffed buddy.  It’s a fun hat to use for silly dress-up.  Once you get the hang of this hat, you can crank them out pretty quick!  Here are the directions.  

Origami – Cup

This cup is cool because you can use it to make your own prop, and you can actually drink out of it.  Way cool!  The directions can be found here.

If I Were A Clown By Floyd Shaffer

This post contains an affiliate link. I recently finished reading a clown ministry book by Floyd Shaffer, titled If I Were a Clown.  Each chapter has a main thought that he expands on and illustrates, using a fair number of personal anecdotes.  I always enjoy reading an anecdote that illustrates a point.  This book is […]

Origami – Box

This nifty little box can be made to hold a prop, cradle candies, or whatever alternative purpose you can find for it.  Incidentally, it also makes a good binky holder.  

Origami – Crown

Here we have Queen Mommy modeling the royal origami crown.  That stern face is telling you that you’d better eat your veggies–or else!  The directions for the crown can be found here.  While the instructions say to use eight triangles, I had to reduce it to six (five would have been even better).  It probably […]

Origami – Puppet

Instant puppet–just fold paper and voila–a bird-like friend!  This guy is fun to play with, and would be very simple to teach kids so that they can have their own puppet.  For the one in the picture, I used an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper.  It was a little large for me to […]

Origami – Pikachu

The directions for this cute and easy Pikachu are here (use the rabbit instructions) and here (how to decorate it).  I suspect that any child who is into Pokémon would really love to get this cute little bundle of papery-goodness from you.

Origami – Throwing Stars

Get your inner ninja on with these awesome paper throwing stars.  Makes a great clown weapon!  If you use a metallic paper, it makes them slightly more impressive.  Directions–bear with the kid; he’s trying his best.

Origami – Cootie Catcher

I don’t know why this is called a cootie catcher.  Do you?  The way you set this up is to write one word on each of the outside flaps, numbers on the inside flaps, and fortunes or sayings inside the number flaps.  You know what…just go find a middle-school-aged girl…she’ll tell you what to do.  […]

Origami – Snapper

I’m putting up some origami posts from my old clown blog.  Origami is fun, kids enjoy it, and you can make some things that are actually useful or just fun to play with.  So, without further ado… If you’ve ever been a boy, you will know what this is.  You simply hold the bottom corners […]

Balloons — Frog Hat

I really like this cute frog balloon hat.  Thanks for teaching it to me, Baloo!  If you have difficulties with those little fiddly one-balloon frogs, try this out instead.  I’ll just try explaining how to make it, since I don’t have any instructions. Make a basic helmet with a green 260. Inflate another green 260 […]

Fun With Balloons: Learn to Twist Balloon Animals DVD

I recently went on a quest through our local library system to locate all the ballooning resources that they carry.  This DVD by Norm Barnhart was one of the items.  The video is meant for beginners (so I didn’t personally get anything out of it), but someone who is just learning may enjoy it.  It’s […]

Balloon Sculpture Made Easy: 2 DVD

I was a bit surprised that they had this DVD in our library system.  It’s definitely more advanced than the other balloon twisting videos they have.  In this approximately 1/2 hour video, Joe Leffler (Tricky the Clown) teaches intermediate balloon designs.  He does go quickly, but if you have a basic grasp of the types […]