Jesus Calms the Storm Jello Snack

I made this snack for our lesson about when Jesus calmed the storm.  The small cups with lids came from Walmart in a package of twenty.  I made five or six small packages of blue Jello and evenly distributed it between the cups, then put them in the fridge to set up.  (Just follow the […]

Heaven Snack

I saw this idea on  It’s gold Jello for a lesson on heaven.  We used lemon flavor, though there are some alternative yellow-colored Jello flavors–pineapple and possibly mango.  We also sprinkled some edible gold glittery star accents on the Jello to make it look even more like sparkling gold.  Here’s what we discovered about […]

Jesus Walks on Water Snack

Our snack for the Jesus Walks on Water lesson was blue jello, with a Jesus figure taped to a spoon and stuck into the jello.  It looks like he’s walking on water, doesn’t it?  The Jesus figure is from this craft.  Since we were doing this craft anyhow, I just took six of the Jesus […]

Moses & the Red Sea Jello

Taking the idea from a picture I saw, I made blue jello in a 9″x13″ pan as the Red Sea.  It was made double-strength so it would be a little more rigid.  Some fish and shark fruit snacks were added as the jello was setting up to make it a little cooler.  You could also […]