Noah’s Ark: the Brick Bible for Kids by Brendan Powell Smith

This post contains an affiliate link. I’ve been wanting to check out Noah’s Ark: The Brick Bible for Kids for quite a while, and the kids and I stumbled on it at the library just last week.  This is a very nicely-done picture book which tells the story of Noah’s Ark.  Each page has a […]

LEGO Gospel Presentation

The LEGO method for sharing the gospel message really makes sense at our house since we have two boys who are obsessed with LEGOs!  We used this for our lesson on different gospel message presentation methods.  This is a great one for kids–they get to build the pieces, it uses something they are very familiar […]

Jericho: The Promise Fulfilled DVD

This post contains an affiliate link. For the main portion of our lesson on Joshua & the Walls of Jericho, we watched Jericho: The Promise Fulfilled from ShatterPoint Entertainment.  We opted for the version that’s licensed for group showings so that we can use it for an outreach in the future.  You can also purchase […]