Baby Moses Game

The kids absolutely loved this game!  All we did was hide one baby doll per child around the room while the kids had their eyes covered.  When we said ‘go’ they had to open their eyes and go in search of a baby doll.  When they found one they took it to the carpet and […]

Baby Moses Blanket Craft

The younger kids worked together to make this very simple craft for our lesson on baby Moses being hidden in the rushes.  It’s supposed to look like a baby blanket that the kids decorated for baby Moses.  All you need is a large piece of cardstock, tissue paper, and glue.  Rip the tissue paper into […]

Moses & the Red Sea Craft

Am I on a roll with the toilet paper tubes, or what?  🙂  For the younger kids, during our Moses & the Red Sea lesson, we made this very simple craft.  The kids drew an Israelite on the tube, then glued pieces of blue tissue paper on the sides to resemble water.  Get it?  The […]

5-Minute Burning Bush

This is what I came up with for our recent Moses lesson when we needed a burning bush.  It was done that Sunday morning with materials on-hand in my own home, hence the cobbled together look.  Anyhow, it worked just fine, and I was rather proud of my 5-minute project.  I like to pretend just […]

Moses & the Red Sea Jello

Taking the idea from a picture I saw, I made blue jello in a 9″x13″ pan as the Red Sea.  It was made double-strength so it would be a little more rigid.  Some fish and shark fruit snacks were added as the jello was setting up to make it a little cooler.  You could also […]