We Are All God’s Children Craft

I love how this craft turned out!  Seeing all of the kids’ cute little handprints just sort of melts me heart.  🙂  We did this craft for one of our lessons on families, and while it can be a little finicky (especially with a large group), I think it is totally worth the results.  I […]

Jesus Calms the Storm Craft

I came up with this really simple craft to go with our lesson about Jesus calming the storm.  The kids had the option of making a storm scene with either paint or colored pencils. We made some lovely storm clouds with dark blue paint (I thought we had black and could mix it to make […]

Joseph in the Well Game

This post contains affiliate links. First, I’ll tell you how I made the little wooden Joseph figure above, and then we’ll talk about how to play the game.  If you give yourself a week or two to make the figure, you won’t feel rushed trying to get it done right before the lesson.  Thank you […]

Sunburst Painting

This post contains affiliate links. We had a lot of fun painting these beautiful sunbursts, originally featured at Small for Big.  They would be great for a lesson talking about creation, how God is our light, or if you just want a fun project to keep the kids occupied.  Such a simple concept creates some […]

Joseph’s Dot Coat Craft

This week we had a lesson about Joseph and his brothers.  Lessons about Joseph are so fun because there are a ton of crafts you can make featuring his fabulous coat.  This time we decorated his coat with Dot Markers.  The kids really enjoyed it!  Thanks to biblefunforkids.com for the original idea!  You can print […]

Painted Cross Craft

We had a grand old time making these in Sunday School this week!  They’re quite easy and the results are really stunning.  This craft would be appropriate for any lesson! Materials: thick white paper painter’s tape tempera paint/finger paint paint brushes paint trays paint smocks Directions: 1. Use painter’s tape to make a cross-shape on […]

Painting with Marshmallows

This isn’t so much an art project as it is an artistic method.  Let your class dip marshmallows in tempera paint and make a picture!  You can use mini, regular-size, and/or extra large marshmallows. Kids can either spell out a word or message, like above, or paint a scene from a story (rainbow for Noah’s […]

Painted Heart Cross Craft

We made this cute little heart cross craft quite a while ago, and now I can’t remember which lesson it went with.  It could be used for any number of lessons, really.  The pattern can be printed off from The Crafty Classroom.  We tried both the traditional rainbow, as well as the colors to share […]

Kids’ Face Paint Kits

My eldest son has been interested in face painting for quite some time, but only recently has my next oldest expressed any interest.  I let him paint from his brother’s kit the other day, but decided that they each need their own.  Using storage containers I already had, I set out on this time-consuming task. […]

Faith Rocks

This is a very easy craft to do: 1. Find some smooth, flattish stones.  Wash them clean.  Let dry. 2. Write artists’ names on bottom of stone with a Sharpie. 3. Paint one flat side of the rock.  You can use tempera, acrylic, or enamel paint. 4. Stick small squares of tissue paper on the […]