Wise & Foolish Builders Craft

For our lesson on the wise and foolish builders, the kids built these paper houses.  They are a little involved, so you will want to have extra helpers or pair an older and younger child.  The teacher cut all the pieces out ahead of time and the kids got to color them, then they had […]

Prodigal Son Craft

For our Prodigal Son lesson, the older kids made these hugging father figures (this one happens to be a ninja).  They’re quite simple to make, but a little bit time consuming.  Here’s how to do it: 1. Cut out a rectangle of card stock. 2. Trace your hands on a different color of card stock; […]

Good Samaritan Craft #2

For our Good Samaritan lesson the older kids made this craft.  They wrote Luke 10:27 on a piece of poster board.  Then they decorated it with band-aids and wrote ways they could help other people on top of the band-aids. Save

Good Samaritan Intro

I can’t claim this idea for myself; I saw it somewhere on the Internet.  Where, I can’t remember.  I used bananas and an orange to introduce the lesson of the Good Samaritan.  While briefly telling the story, the fruit filled in as the actors.  The bananas were the the man who was traveling, the Priest, […]

Good Samaritan Snack

I coined these “Mud & Blood Cookies.”  I love the name!  Having boys will do funny things to your brain.  Anyhow, this was our snack for our lesson on the parable of the Good Samaritan.  I had originally planned on making sugar cookies cut out to look like little men, but I couldn’t find the […]