Many Talents Object Lesson

Oh my, I can’t even remember when we did this lesson.  I need to do these posts in a more timely manner in the future!  For this lesson, we were talking about how each member in the Body of Christ has different gifts and talents.  To start off, I gave each of the children a […]

DIY Ark of the Covenant

We did a lesson about the Israelites going across the Jordan River with the Ark of the Covenant leading the way.  We acted it out, so I wanted to have a prop Ark that the kids could use.  This is my genius idea for how to do that. During the lesson I talked about how […]

Bone Prop

If you like puns, you could use this as a “funny bone” prop.  Or it would make a great visual aid for some Bible stories.  Here’s what you do to get one: 1. Buy a large, frozen turkey from the grocery store.  Hunting would work for the more adventurous, back-woods type.  (But you’d also have […]

Bible Story Theatre: Zacchaeus

We really enjoy acting out Bible stories with our kids.  The group is small enough that we can all gather together for the main story.  For the story about Zacchaeus, a teen and I acted it out while another teacher narrated for us.  I got to play Jesus, which was odd, because I don’t look […]

5-Minute Burning Bush

This is what I came up with for our recent Moses lesson when we needed a burning bush.  It was done that Sunday morning with materials on-hand in my own home, hence the cobbled together look.  Anyhow, it worked just fine, and I was rather proud of my 5-minute project.  I like to pretend just […]