Balloons – Cow Hat

This cow hat is just plain adorable.  We live in cow-country, so it’s very appropriate here.  If you’re an intermediate twister, you can probably handle this design.  Instructions are here.

Balloons – Braided Hat

Here’s a super-cute braided balloon hat/turban.  It’s relatively easy to make, but looks impressive when you’re done.  Instructions on Youtube.

Balloons – Horse

As soon as possible, learn how to make the horse!  Kids, especially girls, love it!  Find the instructions on Youtube.

Balloons – Christmas Wreath

This is a picture of the first balloon Christmas wreath I ever made.  It’s very basic.  Make a whole bunch of these for Christmas decorations!  Instructions on Youtube.  She makes hers slightly different from mine, but it’s very cute.  To make it full-size, use two or three 260 balloons.  With two balloons you would spiral […]

Balloons – Giraffe

The balloon giraffe is another very easy design.  It’s essentially the dog, but with different proportions.  Instructions are on Youtube.

Balloons – Turtle Bracelet

Here’s a cute turtle bracelet.  They work great for small kids who are not responsible enough to carry their own balloon.  This way mom and dad don’t have to carry it and it doesn’t fall on the floor and get popped.  Instructions are on Youtube.  If you can’t do a tulip twist, just skip that […]

Balloons – Red Angry Bird

I learned how to make this Angry from a Youtube video.  It’s definitely not a design for a beginner, but if you have intermediate skills, you should be able to handle it.  The tutorial video itself is quite entertaining!

Balloons – Sword 1

This is my go-to sword for line work–it’s quick, easy, and it generally stays put.  If it does come apart, the kids can fix it themselves.  Instructions are on Youtube.  I recommend locking the little bubble of balloon sticking out of the handle by wrapping it in an alternate direction around the joint, and making […]

Balloons – Dog

The balloon dog is very easy to do and probably the first one you want to learn.  Follow these easy Youtube instructions to learn how.  I always skip the little puff on the end of the tail because kids invariably squeeze it down into the rest of the tail and keep coming back for you […]

Balloons – Ball

The balloon ball is a lot of fun to play with.  You can get a game going with some kids where you try to keep it from touching the ground.  Follow these directions on Youtube to make one.  I would suggest tying a knot when you secure the final balloon.  I’ve had balloon balls come […]

Balloons – Space Invader

This hat is monstrous!  You need several feet of clearance when wearing it.  It’s from The Inflatable Crown Balloon Hat Book by Addi Somekh and Charlie Eckert.

Balloons – Circle Hat

I came up with this simple hat while playing around one day.  Simply make a basic helmet, making a loop with the tail that’s left over and securing it into the helmet’s twist.  Fully inflate another balloon and twist the ends together to make a loop.  Twist the loop into the hat’s joint and arrange […]

Balloons – Martian Helmet

This hat is also from The Inflatable Crown Balloon Hat Book by Addi Somekh and Charlie Eckert.  I like experimenting with different colors with this one.

Balloons – Baseball Cap

I like how the baseball cap looks–like something you’d see in a cartoon.  It’s quite quick and easy.  Directions in this Youtube video.

Balloons – Flying Mouse

The flying mouse is very easy to make and you can crank them out quickly for a large group.  They’re also interactive–the kids can send them flying through the air which is just plain awesome.  Follow the directions in this Youtube video.  The first part is about making a sword, so just skip forward to […]

Balloons – Bow & Arrow

This balloon bow and arrow set is a lot of fun to play around with.  It really works!  The directions call for a 350 for the arrow, but I didn’t have one.  The 260 worked just fine.  The design comes from Andrew McDonald, in issue 58 of Balloon Magic.  Notice my husband using the mountain […]