Shield of Faith Craft

One of our teachers last Sunday came up with this craft.  She free-handed the cross-and-shield design, then photocopied it.  I’ll see if I can get an extra copy of it from her and post it on here.  The shields were cut out beforehand so the younger kids could focus on the decorating, but older kids […]

Fiery Darts Snack

Also with our Shield of Faith lesson we had these fun fiery darts.  They are a neat extra reminder about what we’re learning about Satan sending his fiery darts against us, and defending ourselves with the Shield of Faith.  The idea came from Michelle Paige’s blog.  I made enough for each kid to have one […]

Shield of Faith Group Craft

Today the older kids made a Shield of Faith that could be displayed in the classroom.  I know that oftentimes kids’ Sunday School crafts just get tossed in the garbage, so why not make them to be displayed at church? Supplies: cardboard, utility knife, posterboard, printed Bible verses, scissors, Sharpies, paint, paintbrushes, paint palettes 1. […]