Zacchaeus Handprint Tree

One evening I got this fun idea to take a child’s handprint and turn it into a scene with Jesus and Zacchaeus.  I love the result!  What parent doesn’t love artwork which incorporates their child’s cute little hand? Materials: white paper paper plates paintbrushes tempera paint: green, brown, blue (or other color for Zacchaeus’ clothing) […]

Zacchaeus Craft

For our lesson on Zacchaeus, the kids made these “Jesus Knows My Name” name plates.  We had some squares of card stock sitting around, so I just folded them in half and wrote “Jesus Knows My Name” in Sharpie across the top.  The older kids wrote their own name underneath, but the younger kids had […]

Zacchaeus Snack

Our snack for the Zacchaeus story: trees made from pretzel sticks and green grapes.  It’s so simple!

Zacchaeus Game

Also for the Zacchaeus lesson, we played “Pin Zacchaeus on the Tree.”  The Zacchaeus figure came from a coloring page at  I saved the file, cropped Zacchaeus and saved as a new file, and printed him out.  Then I colored him, cut him out, laminated him, and cut him out again.  I drew a […]

Bible Story Theatre: Zacchaeus

We really enjoy acting out Bible stories with our kids.  The group is small enough that we can all gather together for the main story.  For the story about Zacchaeus, a teen and I acted it out while another teacher narrated for us.  I got to play Jesus, which was odd, because I don’t look […]